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What do you want to achieve from your website? What does success look like to you?

Questions like these are useful because it gets you thinking about the goals of your business.

Once you know the goals, you can discuss them with SEO Toronto Expert, located to find out how they can work as a team to create the new reality that you’re seeking.

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If you hire an SEO company, it helps to understand how one can help your business grow.

With our company, We are provided primarily to assist our clients in getting more out of the internet. Usually, that means online commerce.

Perhaps you sell goods or services on your website now and you’d like to receive more relevant traffic to make a great number of sales.

Or, you’re interested in building a solution to take over an industry?

Alternatively, you might be looking locally and wish to find more local customers.

We can be of assistance.

THREE STEPS TO YOUR SUCCESS  Proven Methods are Often FORGOTTEN by most “so-called” SEO Experts


Using our discovery form, we analyze your business within the chosen industry. We often use Google to our advantage in selecting the most valued keywords that are vital to the success of a business.

Our initial analysis is essentially the blueprint to our success in establishing your online presence in Google and is often one of the biggest things forgotten by most other so-called professional SEO services.


The BUILDING Phase. No one expects a house to be built in a day and neither should you. We take the time to implement our carefully planned strategies through on-page and social optimization in line with Google’s policies.

We establish the legitimacy of your business and give you the chance to start the race in front to crush your competition.


Time to REAP THE BENEFITS! By investing in our SEO services, Your business will gain a whole new level of profits through brand recognition and a dominating presence at the top of Google’s search results for your market industry.

This not only means new customers and bigger profits, but a very big smile on your face knowing that our partnership has led to achieving your goals.


Our motto is very simple – Reach, Engage, Convert. Many of our competitors only focus on the first step in the process and talk about fruitless statistics like reach and sessions.

Our no-bull, holistic approach to your search engine optimization means we only discuss and focus on the tactics that will bring in new customers and help you retain and remarket your existing customer base.

Climbing The Mountain To Long Term Success


Search engine optimization is one component of an effective overall digital marketing strategy that can be used to achieve your goals.

Our Toronto SEO experts don’t put all of your marketing eggs in one basket and look to drive sustainable growth well into the future.

Stand apart from your competitors and catapult your sales through the roof with our tried and tested tactics.

Why Is SEO Important for Your Business?

Search engine optimization simply means services related to helping a website perform better in the search engines; mainly Google and Bing. There are many facets to it – it’s not just one thing – but boil it down and “doing better in the search engines” is what SEO means.

Why does it matter about ranking higher (or for more search terms/keywords) in Google or Bing?

In a nutshell: A higher ranking for relevant terms = More organic search visitors arriving at your website = More sales/ad clicks.

The inverse is also true.

Best Toronto SEO Company - HP SanghaIf your ranking declines because Google brought out an algorithm update, then your site will receive fewer visitors. In which case, your sales or ad clicks aka revenue will drop as well.

If you spoke to a Toronto SEO consultant, they would confirm general areas for improvement but lack the broad skill set of an SEO team.

We can certainly provide consulting services on any aspect of SEO, but we prefer to be hired on the account so that we can work our magic (in full disclosure, it’s not magic. But it looks like it when the ranking shoots upwards!)

Are Toronto SEO Services Expensive or Come with a Fixed Price?

The reality is that SEO packages come in small, medium, or large sizes. Therefore, they’re as inexpensive or costly as you wish them to be.

For instance, you can request 5 guest posts or 50 of them. What’s the difference?

A larger guest posting campaign where articles are posted on well-regarded websites that link to your company’s site is better when spread out over a reasonable period.

You don’t want to see them all get posted in the same week. Why?

Because it looks unnatural. It looks forced. With a large campaign, a planned number of guest posts will hopefully get the improved ranking results that you wish for over several months.

This provides a smoother release where results can be measured and analyzed as guest posts are published. The ranking for the keywords in the link pointing to your site can be monitored for positional changes to get a clearer sense of what parts of the campaign are proving to be the most successful.

With a small campaign, it’s fewer posts. Therefore, they get published over a few weeks. There is less room to analyze results and adjust.

Smaller SEO packages are still a good idea. There’s plenty that can be done and is certainly worthwhile. We happily work on campaigns of all shapes and sizes.

Why Choose HP Sangha SEO Toronto Company

  • BUILD AN ONLINE PRESENCE – Your business is an essential service that can only flourish through customer interaction. We work hard to flood your website with organic traffic and increase your profits.
  • NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS – We review our month-to-month contracts to make sure you get the best of both worlds. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a long-term contract that doesn’t deliver!
  • REGULAR UPDATES – Monthly reports are available to you containing updates on page rankings and any news updates. Awareness of changes ahead of time will only solidify your dominance over any competitors.
  • INCREASE REVENUE – More customers and better rankings will not only build your brand a better reputation but will also mean more targeted traffic and significant profit margins for your business.
  • A NEW PARTNERSHIP – There is no I in the team. We are always around to help if you have any queries. You will personally get to know our team as we work collectively to achieve your goals.
  • BUSINESS TRANSPARENCY – We have no hidden agendas and our main priority is YOU! We discuss approaches to the ins and outs of search engine optimization and apply this to your business to achieve overall success.

Benefits of SEO For Toronto Business

Here are some of the tangible and intangible benefits:

  • Increasing Brand/Site Visibility

With online marketing, one of the benefits is the improvement in brand recognition and site visibility. Every business needs its name out there; to be on the tip of the tongue of potential customers who’ve heard of it.

Using smart tactics, Professional SEO Toronto Ontario can work to get your site higher in the search ranking for relevant terms.

Aftoronto seo agencyter this is achieved, when searching for different terms in Google, your brand repeatedly appears in the top listings.

Searchers then connect the name with one they can trust because of the repeated exposure and Google’s evident trust in the company enough to recommend it repeatedly by ranking your site well.

  • Affordability vs. Paid Traffic

Compared to paid advertising, SEO is far less expensive. You’re not competing with other advertisers in a game of who has the deepest pockets which ad networks try to take advantage of.

Search engine optimization is about getting content up and ranking it with link building. The links pointing to the services or product pages raise their profile. There are many types of link building. Each plays its part in increasing the rankability of the site. Different SEO packages are available to suit varied requirements and budgets.

Some packages are more relevant for newer sites whereas others are best for older sites that can accept more links built to them in a shorter space of time.

Link building does take longer than paid traffic to deliver a result. Therefore, some patience is required. Indeed, some clients opt for some social media promotion and a bit of paid traffic to get the traffic flowing in and then augment that with link building for a long-term SERP position.

  • Understandable Source of Traffic

For clients who don’t understand SEO, we offer a no-fuss, zero-jargon approach to our dealings with them. We do appreciate that it’s our business to know the ins and outs of SEO whereas their strengths lie elsewhere.

We pride ourselves on making SEO practical and understandable. As we said in the intro, SEO is just about helping people and businesses rank higher in search engines. That’s achieved mainly through publishing more or better content and building valuable links to the published pages.

  • Targeted Traffic = Money

Ultimately, targeted traffic equals money.

Why do we say targeted? Because unqualified visitors who have little true interest in your site and what you’re offering aren’t going to subscribe to a newsletter, click an advert, or buy a product or service.

The team at HP Sangha SEO Toronto appreciates that for traffic to be truly valuable, it must deliver a result. An action that is desired or expected. Granted, not every visitor will take the desired action, but we think you’ll agree that the ones who do are far more valuable than those who don’t.

Using targeted keywords, we help businesses gain topical relevance and ranking on Google. When showing up on page one for the right collection of keywords, the traffic turns into dollar signs. It’s all about picking the right keywords.

  • Sustainable Ranking

With quality links in place, the ranking doesn’t disappear overnight. Once the collection of links is in position, they usually stay there in sufficient numbers to offer the same value.

Google’s ranking algorithm does change regularly. Adjustments often need to be made and new links applied to manage the ebb and flow of how the search giant determines which sites should rank for what search terms.

A Toronto SEO Company With A Difference

Maximize the impact of your marketing dollars and crush your competition! Our SEO agency has worked with brands large and small across the globe, so we know what works. We provide a holistic approach to online marketing and break down the barriers standing between you and your business growth goals.

Are you having trouble bringing in new business? Is your current focus just on one channel such as Social media & PPC(Pay-per-click) and you’re not getting the results you want? Our experts work to identify the gaps in your current marketing mix and implement the tactics that increase your current customer base and help you remarket to your existing clients.

Our honesty, unique approach to Seach Engine optimization, and commitment to achieving the best for our clients means we are a force to be reckoned with in the Seach engine space.

Attention Toronto Business Owners!

Do you ever sit there and wonder why your competitors are beating you when it comes to visibility and sales? Would you like to be in front of the pack instead of taking the back seat?

Through working with clients locally and abroad, the specialists at HP Sangha have developed the tactics you need to encourage more traffic, leads, and sales for your seo company in toronto

With the digital landscape ever-changing, it’s important to keep on top of what you need to do – not just to compete, but to stay ahead of the game. That’s where we come in. We live and breathe Search Engine Optimization and we know what works.

We identify the opportunities you have been missing out on and work with you to achieve your online visibility goals.

A good SEO company in Toronto has learned to evolve as search and SEO do. This is necessary not just to keep up with the changes with Google, but also in response to competitors who are aggressively trying to outrank our clients.

We liaise with our clients when needed to keep them abreast of any changes and to make recommendations about SEO packages for the future. This helps us respond appropriately to changes or threats to the ranking we’ve already achieved for our SEO clients. After all, Toronto SEO Expert never sleeps.