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What we do doesn’t suit every prospective client. Our style of work to rank websites isn’t perfect for everyone. And that’s fine with us.

Every client has their level of comfort when it comes to what actions are taken to acquire or build links pointing to their websites. Whether researching their competition to find ways to beat them at their own game is considered fair play or not, is up to them.

We and our clients operate in a highly competitive environment. We’ve found that if they aren’t willing to mix it up with the big boys, it’s likely that they won’t succeed.

We work with motivated clients who need our knowledge. We agree on what we can and cannot do. No miracles are being performed here. However, we often increase the rankings for websites which leads to increased traffic and usually a higher stream of income too.

Our Criteria

We work with different clients who match the following criteria:

  1. Their business is Already Up and Running

Our services are preferred by companies that already have an existing, profitable business. The client signs with us because they wish to do better. Making significant gains over the short to medium term are common goal among our client base.

We refuse to work with the following:

  • Startups
  • Adult or other inappropriate material
  • Sites that would be considered ’Get Rich Quick’ schemes

Our minimum price per month is $ 300 (or more depending upon competition) for each separate project.

  1. The good inflow of customers and leads supporting your business

We work with clients that have sites that already generate some traffic and are successfully making sales. This goes back to the first point of dealing only with clients that already have a business that generates some revenue.

For our team, it’s easier to get satisfactory results for an existing business or website than when starting from scratch. Unavoidable delays in search engine ranking where new sites take 6-12 months to begin ranking reasonably isare normal. During this time, little can be done on the SEO side of things to improve or speed up results.

However, with an already established site with some history and existing success, taking a site to the next level is perfectly doable. Our clients require meaningful results – we need the right set of circumstances to be conducive to creating success for them.

  1. Good reputation. Professional service or quality products offered

We work with companies and site owners where providing a quality product or service is what they’re aiming to do. Fly-by-nights and short-term thinkers aren’t where SEO should be at. Results like that don’t last very long and often lead to unhappy clients. This is why we focus on quality clients, so we can deliver top-tier results for them and be proud of the work we’ve done.

In principle, if you fulfill the above conditions, we’ll be interested to help you with your SEO needs.  Call The Best SEO Toronto Company – HP Sangha and boost your website visibilty on SERPs.

Please complete the Discovery Form below to provide some useful information, so we can begin to get to know your business and requirements going forward. We can then produce a plan for how to proceed.