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When you’re looking for the best PPC Agency in Toronto, it makes sense to do your research first. The idea with pay-per-click advertising is to have profitable advertising campaigns managed for you. This means understanding the Australian market, what appeals to the target market, and creating an ad campaign that will get the required response rate.

By managing ad campaigns to find search terms that will be profitable based on the bidding price per click vs the potential payoff, it’s possible to deliver a better result for clients. That’s our collective aim at HP Sangha SEO agency – profitable campaigns, one after the other.

Our PPC expertise spans different types of advertising platforms and methodologies which we cover in the sections below.

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  • Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is the primary advertising platform from the search giant. The adverts show up on the Google search pages when a visitor runs a search for a keyword that had been successfully bid on. Depending on how much is spent for the advertisement and its relative position on the page, it’s possible to attract a new audience to a website far quicker than using other methods like search engine optimisation.

This platform remains the largest of its kind. The affordable ad rates allow businesses to publish ads just to people who are searching on topics that are relevant to their business. By choosing both affordable and popular search terms, companies can make enough new revenue to turn a profit when factoring in the cost of adverting. In doing so, they also gain a larger customer list to sell future products to.

  • Bing Ads Management

Bing, owned by Microsoft, is the second-largest search engine. They currently have approximately 9% share of the search market. This means many visitors to their search pages see adverts relating to the subject being searched for.

Once overlooked, now Bing is recognised as an important driver of paid traffic to websites. Its attractive interface with varying photographic backdrops and different search results compared to Google offers something different to searchers.

Similar ad management is required when running ad campaigns on Bing. Their reach is over 100 million people which shows how substantial the opportunity is when advertising on their platform. Also, sometimes the rates are less expensive too.

  • Facebook Ads Management

Facebook is the social media platform of choice. With billions of users, there’s few people around the world who haven’t heard of the company or used their services. Pay-per-click advertising is also offered on the Facebook platform. It has some unique advantageous over other ad networks. These include demographic and location targeting.

The social media giant also provides a ‘Like Audiences’ feature where similar users to the ones already using your website can be located. Then adverts can be displayed to reach them too. For instance, when wanting to get more customers in Toronto for plumbing repairs, the above feature can locate people who’ve been doing home improvements recently (just like the plumbing company’s recent customers).

  • Retargeting Management

Retargeting is where a previous visitor to your website is tagged, so that when they show up on Facebook later, they can be re-marketed to. As an advertiser, you can reach people who’ve visited your site previously but didn’t purchase any goods or services.Adverts can be focused on them, perhaps offering a larger discount or a bonus for placing a first-time order. This proves extremely effective particularly with high-ticket items that need several reviews before someone will consider becoming a customer.

  • Lead Generation Management

Lead generation is all about using pay-per-click advertising to capture the initial interest of people who aren’t yet customers and having them visit your landing page. They can be sold a product or signed up to a newsletter to capture their email address for the future. It’s then possible to either sell directly from the site or use email marketing to continue to market to them over the weeks or months that follow until a sale is secured.